Our Work

Bild-01The aim of the Foundation “Help for children with hydrocephalus” is to support the work of neurosurgeons and their staff in the treatment of children with this disease and other congenital malformations of the central nervous system. Furthermore, the foundation wants to develop programs to prevent neonatal malformations. It also aims to verify the appropriate treatment methods in controlled long-term studies. Depending on the cause of hydrocephalus, there are generally two treatment options, one is the creation of cerebrospinal fluid drainage system, so-called “shunts”, the other is the neuroendoscopic surgical method.

Support of International Activities

Bild-03The foundation supports foreign missions of neurosurgeons by funding equipment and medication for surgeries locally. If a surgery is not possible, the foundation pays for the transfer of the young patients to Germany.


Health Education

A major problem in developing countries is the lack of prenatal examination possibilities. For this reason, the foundation seeks to improve the prenatal diagnosics locally and to introduce preventive measures.